Mensch-Computer Interaktion

Lecture: Mensch-Computer Interaktion (Human-Computer Interaction) (WS 21/22)

Semester: Winter Semester 2021/22

Lecture language: English

Exam language: English

Exam type: Written (online) examination / Group project work


The course will officially start on October 13th, 2021 and will take place in a Blended Learning format (online + in person). More information will be provided in the Moodle courseroom for the registered students. Registration is possible via Moodle until October 1st 8th, 2021.

About this Course

The lecture course Mensch-Computer Interaktion (Human-Computer Interaction), introduces basic concepts and models of human-computer interaction as well as a usability engineering process that describes the user-centric approach to designing interactive systems. The methods presented support the systematic analysis of user goals and requirements, the design of user interfaces as well as the user-centric evaluation of systems with analytic and empirical methods. Among others, the following topics will be covered in the course:

  • Concepts and models of human-computer interaction
  • Psychological basics of human-computer interaction
  • Models of interaction between people and their environment, such as affordances, mappings, constraints, slips, and mistakes
  • Human-centered design process
  • Task and requirements analysis
  • Techniques for prototyping user interfaces
  • User studies and evaluation methods
  • Golden rules of user interface design

This course follows a student-centered and project-based learning approach. The theoretical concepts are further investigated and applied in group projects carried out throughout the course, to foster collaboration, project management, conflict management, and presentation skills.


  • Donald Norman, The Design Of Everyday Things, ISBN-13 : 978-0465050659
  • Alan Dix, Janet Finlay, Gregory D. Abowd, Russell Beale, Human-Computer Interaction, ISBN 0130461091
  • Preim, B., & Dachselt, R. (2010). Interaktive Systeme: Band 1: Grundlagen, Graphical User Interfaces, Informationsvisualisierung. Springer-Verlag
  • Preim, B., & Dachselt, R. (2015). Interaktive Systeme: Band 2: User Interface Engineering, 3D-Interaktion, Natural User Interfaces. Springer- Verlag

Target audience

  • Bachelor Angewandte Informatik
  • Bachelor ISE
  • Bachelor Komedia

Date and location

Lecture Session:

  • Wed, 10:00 – 12:00
  • Online / LB 107
  • Starts on October 13, 2021

Exercise Session:

  • G1 Mo 14 – 16, Online / LB 117
  • G2 Di 08 – 10, Online / LE 120
  • G3 Mi 14 – 16, Online / LC 137
  • G4 Mi 16 – 18, Online / LE 104
  • G5 Do 08 – 10, Online / LC 140
  • G6 Do 16 – 18, Online / LE 104
  • G7 Fr 08 – 10, Online / LE 120


  • Interest in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • High motivation and commitment


Registration is possible via Moodle until October 1st 8th, 2021



Prof. Dr. Mohamed Chatti (Lecturer)

M. Sc. Qurat Ul Ain (Teaching Assistant)

M. Sc. Shoeb Joarder (Teaching Assistant)

Student Projects


„Helping people who help people.“ An App that makes work for caretakers easier and more enjoyable

Group name: Roboter-Mensch-Kontakter

Group members: Leander Weuthen, Henri Hagen Lendla, David Zittel

Change Payment Method

We have added a “change payment method” button to allow the user to change the payment method of any disclosed order. This was not a possibility beforehand and led to many errors that were hard and time-consuming to fix. You can now change the payment method of any
order however many times you please by just a few clicks

Group name: TheGroup

Group members: Iliana Moraitou, Anna-Lena Freyhoff, Marie Irabor, Elina Wehlitz


The solution for Communication and Connectivity

Group name: BMMS

Group members: Barbora Kleinova, Mengchen Li, Marie Schlüsener, Sean Martin


Smartphone operating system for elderly users. Help-Button which provides help in every situation

Group name: Cenipati

Group membersPascal Peters, Christoph Vorer, Nils Bronner, Tim Rachul

Find A Seat

Group name: HHR

Group membersHakan Ok, Hande Kaya, Rana Karaca


Group name: InTeam

Group membersAnna Hoffmann, Pia Dungs and Alisa Drabe

Let's Cook!

Make cooking easy for everyone, by looking for different recipes using ingredients found in one’s pantry

Group name: Group Alpha

Group membersDeyna Haishnee Sunnassee, Adam Alabdul Wahab, Alara Ciyrak

Motivation Booster

An App to motivate people to overcome their lack of motivation, so they can include a certain behavior to their daily lives

Group name: MauVanTan

Group membersMaurice Schmidt, Vanessa Wollny, Tanja Schell


Our solution to the disconnection and problems our users have with streaming services, by considering more interviews following our early prototypes, our personal team discussion and pragmatism of the solution is to make a social media-based platform for users to reach their content providers and get feedback on shows and media, in order to get better recommendations and reach a decision on what service they should subscribe to.

Group name: Sigma

Group membersArshia Zare, Avin Safari Shirzi, Aryan Kaushik

Tackling Big City Problem

Let's have more social interactions on train platforms! How our Interactive Screen helps you to start enjoying your time waiting for the train and get inspired by new people.

Group name: SMPL

Group membersMaxine Lücht, Pia Victor, Stefano Klimka, Liu Zixiao


WHO-R-U acts as an extension of your biography on other social media applications. It allows you to choose from a wide scale of components that can be added to your profile, such as personality tests or movie reviews. Our app tries to give users a space where they can introduce themselves to people exactly how they want to.

Group name: NASA

Group membersNoah Liebig, Aliyah Reem Berutti, Ali Haydar Zorluer, Sasha Marie Hemmer-Dudszus