Plaster Gold, © S. Baeck

MSc Computational Mechanics

Elective module
SWS: 4
Credits: 6
Mode of teaching: lecture, tutorial

Teaching staff


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this course students should be able to

  • create a 2 dimensional design drawing using AutoCAD
  • create a 3 dimensional drawing starting from a twodimensional one
  • develop a VBA extension for AutoCAD to automate drawing tasks
  • develop an interface to other applications using EXCEL sheet formats
  • develop an interface to other applications using MDB database formats


  • Modeling using 2 dimensional CAD objects
  • Modeling using 3 dimensional CAD objects
  • Combining 3 dimensional CAD objects using boolean operators
Automation and script programming
  • Basic knowledge in VBA programming
  • Creating an EXCEL input file with drawing parameters from a preprocessor application using EXCEL's type library.
  • Creating an ACCESS database using SQL language and storing informations for automated drawings. The MDB database then should be the input for an automated drawing using the ACE-DAO interface.
  • Implementation of a new AutoCAD command, to draw the system described in the previously created EXCEL sheet in an automated kind.
  • Implementation of a new AutoCAD command, to create the 3 dimensional version of the above mentioned 2 dimensional drawing.



  • ISO/IEC 19501:2005,
    Information technology – Open Distributed Processing – Unified Modeling Language, (UML) Version 1.4.2
  • Java Code Conventions,
    Oracle Inc., Sun Microsystems, Inc., September 12, 1997