Structural Analysis of Plates and Shells
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Carolin Birk

Gruppenfoto Statik und Dynamik der Flächentragwerke


The group "Structural Analysis of Plates and Shells" has been established in the Department of Civil Engineering on 01.04.2015.
Given the global requirement of sustainability and careful use of resources in construction, plate and shell structures are becoming more and more important. Current developments include thin, hing-strength structures and the use of high-performance materials.
Modelling techniques for plate and shell structures provide the basis of current and future developments in civil engineering. It is our aim to teach the corresponding foundations of structural mechanics with a particular focus on dynamic phenomena.
Our research is directed at the development of numerical models for investigating mechanical problems related to complex structures. The main research areas are:
  • Non-classical discretisation methods for plate and shell structures
  • Automatic mesh generation and analysis
  • Dynamic soil-structure interaction
  • Numerical simulation of wave-based methods of non-destructive testing
  • Dynamic behaviour of structures with viscoelastic components
  • Noise and vibration analysis of thin shell structures