E. coli Proteases - Metalloproteases

Proteases of E. coli Metalloproteases

Proteases are listed according to their celluar localisation and in alphabetical order. MWs of periplasmic and outer membrane proteases are given for the unprocessed precursor proteins. Clicking on the protein name will open the latest UniProt file.

Metalloproteases localised in the



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Cytoplasmic membrane


  • FtsH (ftsH/hflB)

    Peptidase family M41/AAA Protease InterPro
    Function essential ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease, cleaves soluble and integral membrane proteins
    Structure 2 TM, cytoplasmic N-and C-termini
     MW 70708 Da
    644 aa

  • Heat shock protein HtpX (htpX)

    Peptidase family M48 InterPro
    Structure 4 TM, cytoplasmic N-and C-termini
    MW 31923 Da
    293 aa

  • rseP (YaeL)

    Peptidase family M50B
    Function RIP protease, degrades the antisigma factor RseA
    Structure 4 TM, PDZ domain
    MW 49071 Da
    450 aa

  • YfbL (yfbL)

    Peptidase family M28A
    Structure 1TM
    MW 35931 Da
    323 aa


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Outer membrane


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