Moelcular Biology II

Research Overview

In our department Molecular Biology II we follow a competitive interdisciplinary research line at the interface of basic and translational molecular biology. Building on our technological and scientific expertise in unravelling molecular mechanisms of (cancer) cell biology, nucleocytoplasmic transport and cell-based assays, the department focuses on the topic: 'Cell fate decisions in development and disease'. Our group’s projects are centered around the mechanistic (patho)biological networks of Survivin and Taspase1.

Here, we aim to achieve a detailed understanding of the different biological functions of Survivin in cell stress, including the DNA damage response and cellular senescence. Further, we want to deepen our knowledge on how the protease Taspase1 and its downstream targets contribute to cell fate decisions, and how this might be related to substrate-specific cleavage. As 'innovative tools', we combine our high-end live cell microscopy with cancer-phenotypical and biochemical protein-protein interaction assays, chemicals and nano-based probes to explore and answer these scientific questions.

Open Positions

Currently no PhD position available

If you would like to join our group for a Bachelor or Master Thesis or simply for a short-time internship, please feel free to contact us:

We are currently looking for a Master student interested in a Master thesis project centered around the biological evaluation of switchable supramolecular ligands and the application of specific nanobodies.