NRW Forschungskolleg- FUTURE WATER

Sustainable water management - the key challenge of our time

Since July 2014, the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW has been funding the "Research College NRW" (formerly: Progress College NRW). Doctoral students work on the major social challenges of our time in a total of twelve structured doctoral programs: Climate change, demographic development, health and food security, resource scarcity and energy supply, access to information and mobility. Particular emphasis is placed on promoting young scientists in the field of sustainable development. This is where FUTURE WATER makes its contribution.

Duration: 2014-2022

Funding: approx. 5 million euros

Coordination: ZWU

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Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe

The goal of this Action is to nucleate a group of researchers across disciplines with the task to identify gold-standard genomic tools and novel eco-genomic indices for routine application for biodiversity assessments of European water bodies. Furthermore, DNAqua-Net will provide a platform for training of the next generation of European researchers preparing them for the new technologies. Jointly with water managers, politicians and other stakeholders, the group will develop a conceptual framework for the standard application of eco-genomic tools as part of legally binding assessments.

Scientific lead: Prof. Dr. Florian Leese

Grant manager: Dr. Alexander Weigand

Management committee: click for further information

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