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Call for Application Young Scientist Award 2024

For the sixteenth time, the Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU) is awarding the Young Scientist Award (YSA) for outstanding students and young scientists in the field of water and environmental research. 

We look forward to receiving numerous applications!

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05. October 2023 ZWU Water Café

We cordially invite all members and interested parties to the ZWU Water Café every first thursday of the month at the Brücke at the Essen Campus!
Exchange, networking and getting to know each other in an informal setting. From now on every first Thursday of the month.

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26. & 27. September 2023 Water Research Horizon Conference 2023

This year´s topic of the 13th Water Research Horizon Conference will be "river links - water connecting climates, landscapes and people".

Jointly organised by the University of Freiburg and the Water Science Alliance.

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September 2023 Fire Salamander Day at the Zoo

As part of the first Day of Honor of the Fire Salamander, information about the amphibian species and its threat was provided at an information booth in the Tierpark Bochum

Dr. Maximilian Schweinsberg from the ZWU team was on site and informed the visitors about the current state of scientific research on the fire salamander.

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© Wael Ali (DTNW)

August 2023 New project on flame retardants

In order to be able to produce safer flame retardants in the future, Prof. Dr. Burak Atakan from the Chair of Thermodynamics at UDE is investigating their mode of action together with the German Textile Research Center North-West (DTNW), an affiliated institute of UDE. The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding the project for the next few years with approximately 612,000 euros.

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© Senckenberg

August 2023 Nature publication on biodiversity

First came the recovery, then the stagnation of biodiversity in European waters. This was the conclusion reached by an international research team led by Prof. Dr. Peter Haase (Senckenberg/UDE) in a study now published in the journal Nature. They therefore call for additional measures to revive the recovery of biodiversity in inland waters.

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The key research area coordinated by the ZWU

One of the greatest challenges for the 21st century is to ensure the sustainable use of the global resource water. The key research area water research established by the University of Duisburg-Essen and headed by the Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU) is dedicated to adress the growing challenges.

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The FutureWaterCampus

The FuturewaterCampus (FWC) promotes the development and expansion of research infrastructure in the fields of membrane, algae and photocatalysis research.

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Current research projects

Explore our current projects and learn more about about our research.

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German Society for Membrane Technology (DGMT) e.V.

The office of the German Society for Membrane Technology (DGMT) e.V. is located at the ZWU. For more information on the DGMT please visit the DGMT website.

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