The UDE Bachelor's degree programmes in Water Science and Aquatic Biology enables students to focus on the topic of water right from the start of their academic career.

In the field of water, the UDE courses also include three international and interdisciplinary Master's programmes (Water Science, Transnational ecosystem-based Water Management and Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water) as well as the Master's programme in Aquatic Biology.

The Master's degree programme in Environmental Toxicology and the three Master's degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering - Infrastructure and Environment, Mechanical Engineering - Energy and Process Engineering also have a strong link to water.

Deeper knowledge in the field of water can be gained in the international and interdisciplinary course on biodiversity, which is offered in cooperation with the Ruhr University Bochum.

Bachelor´s and Master´s Degrees

Water related programmes

(B.Sc. und M.Sc.) Aquatic Biology

The new degree programme "Bachelor Aquatic Biology" enables students to learn the wide range of modern biological methods for biodiversity assessment from genes to ecosystems levels. In particular, we teach methods from aquatic ecology, genomics, molecular biology, bio- and geoinformatics. You will acquire knowledge of the relationships in aquatic ecosystems and their assessment from the perspective of environmental management, environmental ethics, and environmental law. Understanding the role of biodiversity and the relationship between complexity and stability of ecosystems, is the aim of this programme.

In the subsequent programme "Master Aquatic Biology" students can further expand their knowledge and skills and specialize in topics of biodiversity, molecular biology or water management.

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(B.Sc. und M.Sc.) Water Science

Water is one of the most precious resources on earth. The growing demands for safe, clean and affordable potable water can only be met by increased interdisciplinary knowledge of water quality and the advanced, effective and sustainable treatment of water. In this course, such knowledge is offered. Each module is designed to provide the student with tools for a deeper understanding of water chemistry, water analytics and ultimately the biology behind microbial water quality and biological water treatment.

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Master´s Degrees

Water related programmes

(M.Sc.) Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water - MTW3

The Master course (MSc) “Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water – MTW3” is an internationally orientated course which is not only addressed to German but especially to foreign students.
MTW3  is a 2-year interdisciplinary Master course based on natural scientific and technical fundamentals with main focus on process engineering and advanced engineering as well as economics and water management.


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(M.Sc.) Environmental Toxicology - EnviTox

Environmental Toxicology (EnviTox) is an integrated interdisciplinary Master's degree programme offered by the University of Duisburg-Essen since 2010. The study course offers knowledge on chemical properties of xenobiotics and other anthropogenic substances, their interactions with the biosphere, their detection and monitoring, and also legal aspects related to this field.
EnviTox focuses on Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, therefore students with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry or Ecology and similar fields of study are welcome as applicants for EnviTox.

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