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Master Study Course

"Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water"




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Tackling the World Water Crisis
Limited fresh water resources, increasing pollution of the natural water cycle and increasing demand of high quality water to meet the needs of the still growing global population are the driving forces of the upcoming world water crisis. To counteract this development a combination of highly sophisticated management and technology of water and waste water is getting more and more important. The MTW3 curriculum offers such a combination of knowledge represented by lecturers from the University of Duisburg-Essen and experts from water industry of the River Ruhr and River Rhine area.

Master Study course MTW3
The Masters course (M.Sc.) "Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water – MTW3" is an internationally orientated course which is addressed to German as well as foreign students. MTW3 is a 2-year interdisciplinary Masters course based on natural scientific and technical fundamentals with main focus on process engineering and advanced engineering as well as economics and water management.
All studies are related to:

  • Water procurement,

  • Water treatment,

  • Draining of storm and waste water,

  • Waste water treatment

Graduates of the new MTW3 course will be familiar with German water management and treatment systems. They will be able to think interdisciplinarily by combining knowledge on economics, water management and engineering offering a wide range of possibilities for prospective careers especially in water supply, sewage disposal, water boards and engineering companies.

Employment prospects
Due to the international orientation of the MTW3 Masters course graduates can work in various fields of water technology and management also in foreign countries and international organisations. Typical jobs for graduates of the MTW3 Masters course can be found in the following institutions:
Engineering companies
Water boards and similar institutions in other countries
GO’s (Government organisations), ministries and authorities
Research companies and universities
For foreign students the MTW3 Masters course offers the opportunity of technology transfer to their home countries in consideration of the special regional demands.

Course contents

  • Basics of water technology and fluid dynamics

  • Advanced engineering

  • Process engineering

  • Sewer systems

  • Water and waste water treatment

  • Management and controlling

  • Water management

In addition to 18 compulsory courses, students have the option to choose lectures with a totoal of 12 credits from a special catalogue or from the offer of the faculty of engineering science. Thus, students have the opportunity to focus their studies on their personal interests and abilities. Furthermore, students can set individual priorities by selecting lectures from non-technical subjects with a total of 6 credits.

Study location
The University of Duisburg-Essen is a young and modern university with approximately 33,000 students. You will benefit from the convenient and friendly atmosphere, the small working groups and the options for in-depth specialisation provided by the scientists involved in the course. A convenient public transport system makes it possible to arrive at the university at ease.



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