Bachelor/Master Theses - Autonomous LEGO Mindstorms Robot

Autonomous LEGO Mindstorms Robot – possible tasks for Bachelor- and Master-Theses

Keywords: Autonomous Robot, Image Processing, Navigation, Sensor Fusion, Control, networked systems

The usage of autonomous mobile systems increases rapidly. Autonomous cars and industrial mobile transportation systems are a popular example. A further development is the increasing networking of the components. The LEGO Mindstorms Robot is a low cost robot with two big and one small engine.

Additionally, the robot can use for 4 sensors. Available sensors are an ultrasonic, an infrared, two touch and a gyro sensor. As support a camera system based on raspberry PI is used, which is mounted at the robot or above the test environment.


Figure 1: Sheme of the enviornment

The following table contains possible task fields regarding the Mindstorms/camera-environment.

Control-oriented Tasks:   Short description:
Controller design BA/MA Design of event/time discrete controller like speed control
Safety BA/MA Design of safety functions like collision avoidance
Sensor fusion BA/MA Design of soft sensor by using multiple sources
Strategy-oriented Tasks:   Short description:
Navigation BA/MA Design of localization, mapping and path planning
Cyber Security BA/MA Simulation, detection and prevention of cyber attacks
Image processing-oriented Tasks:   Short description:
Self-calibration MA Design an automatic calibration procedure
Object detection BA/MA Detection of obstacles and robots
Variation:   Short description:
Mechanical design BA/MA Use different robot design like four-wheel drive
Collaboration MA Use more than one system which solve the task together

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Required Lectures/Software Skills:  

BA+MA: Regelungstechnik EiT, Digitale Regelung, Matlab/Simulink; 

MA: Prozessautomatisierung, Mehrgrößenregelung, Modeling and Simulation

Possible start: expected from WS 2020/21

Dr.-Ing. Chris Louen, BB514