Dr. Birte Horn


Curriculum Vitae

Birte Horn received her M.A. in History and English in 2004, after studying at the University of Bielefeld and the Johns-Hopkins University, USA. After a short excursion into the wondrous world of high school teaching, she returned to university life at the University of Duisburg-Essen, where she is currently teaching at the Institute of Anglophone Studies (American Studies) and pursuing her PhD degree.

Research Interests

  • Contemporary American Culture
  • American Film
  • American History


forthcoming: "The Role of Documentaries in Redefining American Womanhood"

Conference Papers and Talks

  • "The 'Superwoman' in Contemporary American Culture. Popular Feminism in Movies and Television Shows of the late 20th and early 21st century", Spring Academy, Heidelberg, 2005.
  • "The Role of Documentaries in Redefining American Womanhood", Documentaries and the Narration of Nation in the Americas, Bielefeld, 2005.
  • "Xena, Buffy and the Other Usual Suspects: Power, Gender and Nation at the Turn of the Millenium", Of Fatherlands and Motherlands: Gender and Nation in the Americas, Bielefeld, 2006.
  • "'We're your arch-nemesises ... ses' - Buffy and 'The Trio': The Americanization of a Mythological Motif, Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations, New Orleans, 2009.
  • "Gender Roles in American Television Shows: Challenging and Diversifying Notions of Gender on Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Annual Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien, Jena, 2009.

Courses Taught at the UDE

  • HS A Survey of American History
  • PS Introduction to American Civilization
  • HS Gender and Gender Roles in American Television Shows
  • HS "Hooray for Hollywood" - The Hollywood Studio System from the 1910s -1960s
  • HS Slave Narratives from North America, the Caribbean and Africa
  • HS The Poet of Africadia: George Elliott Clarke
  • HS "With a Gun and a Rope and a Handful of Hope" - Facts and Fictions of the American West
  • Brückenkurs Englisch für Teilnehmer aller Fachrichtungen
  • Technisches Englisch für Studierende der Bachelor-Studiengänge NanoEngineering und Elektrotechnik/Informationstechnik
  • Technisches Englisch für Technical Logistics (Master)