Supervision of Master Thesis

Supervision of Master Thesis in EFL Education

Students wishing to write their Master thesis in EFL education are very welcome to do so. The first supervisor of your thesis can be either Prof. Dr. Thorsten Merse or Prof. Dr. Eva Wilden.

When planning to write your thesis with either of these two, please, sign up and attend their respective Masterbegleitmodul (-> i.e. the research colloquium for Master candidates; sign up for this via LSF during the offical registration periods). There is no need to contact them in their regular office hours as all questions pertaining your thesis will be answered in this class. This also applies to students yet undecided whether they will write in EFL education or not. 

In case you did not get a spot for a Masterbegleitmodul with Prof. Dr. Thorsten Merse or Prof. Dr. Eva Wilden via the LSF during the official registration period, please, contact Platzvergabe EFL Education for help