EFL Lab diagramm

Opening hours and more information on the EFL-Lab in R12 R03 A81 (former SLZ).

The EFL Lab is a state-of-the-art venue for exploring EFL education with the help of digital media. In the EFL Lab novice EFL teachers can autonomously develop their teaching skills by experimenting with a huge variety of digital teaching and learning tools. These are easily accessible and available for independent study during the open-access opening hours. In addition, students can bring their own devices to explore interactive BYOD approaches in teaching EFL. Furthermore, the EFL Lab is used for our school cooperation projects as well as a variety of seminars taught by our staff in EFL education. In these classes, student EFL teachers systematically explore and critically evaluate the potentials and limitations of digitalization for learning and teaching the English language in school settings.

The EFL Lab is located in two rooms, i.e. R12 R03 A81 and R12 R04 B81. Both have a highly dynamic and flexible layout, thus, allowing to work spontaneously and in very different set-ups, e.g. individually, in smaller or larger groups. The lab is equipped with a variety of digital and traditional learning and teaching resources for EFL education, such as interactive boards, notebooks, tablets, wifi access, EFL textbooks, digital listening pens, software, realia, picture books, etc.

In room R12 R03 A81, the EFL Lab houses a collection of historical and up-to-date EFL textbooks, journals and self-study material (Lehrbuchsammlung) which students can loan for their coursework and teaching practice. Also, this room is equipped with fifteen PCs with pre-installed educational software, printers etc. During the opening hours the student tutors are happy to help with questions on your studies in the Department of Anglophones Studies, writing term papers or using digital tools in the EFL classroom. For more information visit our webpage.