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The EFL education department is concerned with the teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in schools. During their studies, student teachers gain fundamental knowledge and skills for teaching EFL in various schools: primary, secondary as well as vocational education. Core issues of the curriculum are communicative language teaching, language learning theory, methods and approaches to EFL education, digitalization, diversity and inclusion. All classes in our department are committed to the idea of nurturing the reflective practitioner as well as encouraging continuous professional development.

Our research is committed to school-based EFL education and teacher development. In particular, we are dedicated to linking our evidence-based research with practical classroom teaching. All our research projects follow an interdisciplinary approach and are conducted in collaboration with colleagues from related disciplines. The focus of our current research projects are: EFL education at primary and secondary level, digital media in language education, inclusive EFL education, professional development of EFL teachers, multilingualism, content and language integrated learning, and literature and film in EFL education.


The EFL Lab in room R12 R04 B81 offers students the possibility of learning with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. This will prepare our students for digitalized classrooms, thus ensuring they will gain the digital competences needed in today’s workplace.

The room’s layout is highly dynamic and thus well suited for working in different group arrangements. Three smart boards, as well as many small, compact desks,  allow seating to be arranged in a multitude of different ways.

In addition, the EFL Lab houses a projector and 15 laptops. The room can be used by students and teachers to take part in or give highly dynamic, interactive and modern seminars. This allows aspiring teachers to get a glimpse of how modern media can be employed in the EFL classroom, making teaching and learning languages more effective and engaging.


Welcome to the SLZ!

The library is too crowded, but you want to spend your free time more effectively in an environment that is suitable for learning? The SLZ offers students a place where they can learn at fifteen PC-stations with an internet connection and educational software. It is also possible to print documents. Those of you studying to become teachers can benefit from a collection of textbooks, school books and journals which can be lent out.
A team of three skilled tutors are happy to answer your questions concerning your studies and can give you advice on writing research papers.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

You can find us in room R12 R03 A81. For more information visit our webpage.

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