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Thorsten Merse (he/him) is Professor of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Education with a special focus on Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. In his research, he explores inter- and transcultural learning and cultural diversity, pedagogies of teaching literature, and digital education in EFL. He places particular emphasis on engaging with LGBTIQ* diversity and Queer Theory in English language teaching and learning, and on researching teachers’ developing digital competences. In the main, he investigates EFL Education with theoretical and conceptual research designs – including meta-views on how such research can be conducted. 

He joined the University of Duisburg-Essen in October 2021. Previously, he held research positions at the University of Münster (WWU, 2011-2016) and the University of Munich (LMU, 2016-2021), where he completed his PhD in 2017. During his Postdoc time at the LMU, he also coordinated an interdisciplinary research network on teacher education in the context of the BMBF-funded Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung. Thorsten Merse studied English and Biology at the University of Münster (WWU) for becoming a teacher in secondary education. During his studies, he spent a full year in Harrogate, UK, to work as a teaching assistant at Ashville College.

​Here you find Prof. Dr. Merse's complete list of publications.

Recent Publications

Merse Globalcitizenship Cover

Lütge, C., Merse, T. & Rauschert, P. (Eds.) (2023). Global Citizenship in Foreign Language Education: Concepts, Practices, Connections. Routledge.

Merse Revistaibero 184

König, L. & Merse, T. (2023). ‘Compairing [sic] a girl to a summers day is gay’ – Que(e)rying EFL Learners’ Engagement with Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 and Contemporary YA Fiction. Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Educativos, 53(2), 135-174.

Publikation Merse 1
Lütge, C. & Merse, T. (Eds.) (2021). Digital Teaching and Learning: Perspectives for English Language Education. Tübingen: Narr Francke Attempto.

Review Activities

Merse Clele

CLELE journal: Children’s Literature in English Language Education


 Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching Merse Cover Illt


Doctoral Supervision

Lena Hertzel:

“Decolonizing Cultural Learning in EFL Education” (current)

​Albert Biel:

“Rekonstruktionen queerer Lehr-Lern-Prozesse im Englischunterricht: Aufgaben, Texte, Lernziele“ (current; developed in the context of the graduate school „Graduiertenkolleg zu querschnittlichen Fragen der Lehrkräftebildung (GKQL)“ at the UDE,


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