Projects of the EFL Education Section


​The inverted EFL teachers' classroom

Project lead: Prof. Dr. Eva Wilden

This project is dedicated to innovative EFL teacher education at the University of Duisburg-Essen with a special focus on both developing novice EFL teachers’ digital literacy as well as exploiting digital media ...

Here is an interview that provides more information on the project.

Englisch inklusiv  proviellogo

Contact Person: Krystina Mensing

As an integral part of the German educational system, inclusion has a great impact on EFL education. In this context, the project Englisch inklusiv addresses the need for extended initial teacher education ...

Nutzung von Digitalisierungspotenzialen in der Englischlehrerbildung

In the light of digitalisation, aspiring teachers face the challenge of integrating digital tools in the EFL classroom. This project addresses this issue by providing students with the resources to develop new ideas for TEFL in the digital era...



Project lead: Prof. Dr. Eva Wilden & Prof. Dr. Raphaela Porsch

In the German context, foreign language education is a relatively new school subject at primary level. Since the school year 2004/05 learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) has been...


Project lead: Prof. Dr. Eva Wilden & Prof. Dr. Raphaela Porsch

The I-TEPS study evaluates the inclusive EFL (English as a foreign language) education at a special educational needs (SEN) school...

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