Digital Postcolonial Studies

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sBlended Learningion, global migration, the supposed “superiority” of the West – postcolonialism studies a variety of historical, ideological and literary topics. Prof. Plummer’s seminar “Key Concepts in Postcolonial Studies”, taught each year in the winter term, gives first-semester students of the “British and Postcolonial Studies” Master an introductory overview of basic texts and theories of the field. Whether Edward Said’s groundbreaking ideas on “Orientalism” or Chinua Achebe’s thoughts on non-native speakers writing in the English language: students are introduced to a wide range of postcolonial texts as a basis for their own study projects and term papers on literary texts during the following semesters.

What is new, then? In the winter term 2018/19 the seminar will for the first time be taught as a course using blended learning techniques. Students will participate both in seminar discussions as well as in tasks set online. Thus, the seminar uses eLearning techniques in order to give each student the opportunity to study according to their own rhythms and needs. The texts and seminar discussions will be supplemented in Moodle with online tutorials, helpful videos and further texts. The seminar will provide students not only with the knowledge necessary to understand complex theoretical ideas but also to use these ideas for their own literary research.


Following the blended learning course Key Concepts in Postcolonial Studies: Theories, Approaches, Methods we are providing you with an opportunity to give feedback. Your participation will enable Prof. Dr. Plummer and her team to make the blended learning format more user friendly and efficient. Therefore, you are invited to join Ms. Bonnes (ZHQE) for a brief get together, where you can share your thoughts and opinions.  Light refreshments will be provided.