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ICAN Notes

ICAN Notes is a format with which we want to provide you with helpful and interesting information about the methods and techniques in the ICAN portfolio. The spectrum of the Notes will range from basic articles on specific methods, technical tips and tricks for the use of individual devices, to applications that demonstrate the special possibilities and limits of the respective techniques.

All ICAN Notes are archived by the UDE-library, provided with a DOI and are therefore citable as (unreferenced) publications.

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The matrix effect - A challenge for quantitative secondary ion mass spectrometry,

N. Hartmann, ICAN Notes H. 1 (2020), DOI


High-Angle Annular Dark-Field (HAADF) Contrast,

M. Heidelmann, ICAN Notes H. 2 (2020), DOI


Angle Resolved XPS - ARXPS,

U. Hagemann, ICAN Notes H. 3 (2021), DOI


The ultramicrotome as a tool for the preparation of ultra- thin samples for TEM investigations,


U. Hagemann, ICAN Notes H. 5 (2021), DOI

Reference measurements & instructions (password protected)

VersaProbe II

Anleitung (deutsch), manual (english) for using SmartSoft (pdf)

Effect of the peak to noise parameter, examples
As 3d, C 1s, O 1s

Effect of reducing the pass energy for Cu 3p

Example for thickness determination by angle-resolved XPS: Mg on H:Si

Files for CasaXPS:

Casa XPS manuals, external link

FeO, Fe2O3, FeOOH - Fit Parameter on ironoxide particles

MnO, Mn2O3, MnO2, MnOOH - Fit Parameters for Manganese Oxides

Clean graphene with determination of d-parameter

Copper double sided tape - conductive

Broad double Sided scotch tape - insulating

Narrow double Sided scotch tape - insulating

Sputter-cleaned gold film - Fit parameter for assymetric peak shape of Au4f

Sputter-cleaned copper film - Fit parameter for assymetric peak shapes of Cu2p and Cu3p

Partially oxidized gold-platinum Nanoparticles on glass

PET as an example for an insultaing polymer