Electrolytical thinning

Method for preparation


The TenuPol-5 is used for TEM preparation of electrical conducting, mainly metallic, samples. It is made of corrosion resistant materials, hence most chemicals can be used for chemical polishing. Perchloric acid and other heavily corroding electroclytes can be used. The temperature of the electrolyte is controlled by a cryostat.

Samples are polished on both sides simultanously, to prevent deformation or similar impairments. The polishing process is stopped automatically when the sample is ready for TEM-investigation.

© ICAN 2020
© ICAN 2020


Sample diameter: 3 mm
Nozzle size: 1 mm
cryostat: -50°C to 150°C


  • electrical thermometer
  • insulating, non corrodable PVC
  • installed photo eye