CRC1093 - Publications Project B7

Area B: Biological Targets

Publications by Prof. Dr. Stefan Westermann

Project B7:
Manipulation of the kinetochore-microtubule interface by supramolecular ligands

G. P. Altunkaya, F. Malvezzi, Z. Demianova, T. Zimniak, G. Litos, F. Weissmann, K. Mechtler, F. Herzog, and S. Westermann: CCAN assembly configures composite binding interfaces to promote cross-linking of Ndc80 complexes at the kinetochore. Current Biology, 2016, 26, pp. 2370-2378.

M. I. Molodtsov, C. Mieck, J. Dobbelaere, A. Dammermann, S. Westermann* and A. Vaziri*: A force-induced directional switch in a molecular motor enables parallel microtubule bundle formation. Cell. 2016, 167, pp 539-552. *co-corresponding authors

C. Mieck, M. I. Molodtsov, K. Drzewicka, B. van der Vaart, G. Litos, G. Schmauss, A. Vaziri and S. Westermann: Non-catalytic motor domains enable processive movement and functional diversification of the kinesin-14 Kar3. Elife 2015, Jan27; 4.doi:10.7554/eLife.04489.