CRC 1093 - Project B1

Biological Targets B1: Supramolecular ligands modulate assembly and function of HtrA proteases

Prof. Dr. Michael Ehrmann

Project B1 will assess the specific effects of supramolecular ligands on the folding, assembly, allosteric and cooperative regulation, lipid binding and functions of oligomeric HtrA proteases. In addition, the encapsulation of human HTRA proteases within large CaP nanoparticles will be used for delivery of the proteases into mammalian cells. Moreover, DNA nanotubes will be generated for functional HtrA protease encapsulation in different oligomeric states via supramolecular links, and the influence of the altered microenvironment on protein function will be studied.


Scientific Co-workers

Juliana Rey

Linda Ingendahl

Anika Blümke

Katharina Severin

Laura Pedroza