Biological Targets B4: Modulation of 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions by supramolecular chemistry

Dr. Christian Ottmann

Project area B4 will mechanistically and structurally characterize the effect of molecular tweezers and combinatorial ligands on various 14-3-3 proteins with a particular focus on prominent 14-3-3 targets such as Raf kinases, p53 and aminopeptidase N (CD13). Protein crystallography in tandem with biophysical methods like SPR, thermophoresis and ITC will be employed to draw an exact picture of the mechanistic basis of these modulations, which will be further refined by MD simulations and QM/MM calculations. The most potent binders will be used to modulate the extracellular 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions with aminopeptidase N (CD13).