Area Z:X-ray Crystallography

Publications by Dr. Ingrid Vetter

Project Z2:
X-ray Crystallography

A. Petrovic, J. Keller, Y. Liu, K. Overlack, J. John, Y. Dimitrova, S. Jenni, S. van Gerwen, P. Stege, S. Wohlgemuth,P. Rombaut, F. Herzog, S.C. Harrison, I. Vetter, A. Musacchio: Structure of the MIS12 complex and molecular basis of its interaction with CENP-C at human kinetochores. Cell 2016 167:1020-1040.

A. Altenfeld, S. Wohlgemuth, A. Wehenkel, I.R. Vetter, A. Musacchio: Complex assembly, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the human Rod-Zwilch-ZW10 (RZZ) complex. Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun. 2015 Apr;71(Pt 4):438-42. doi: 10.1107/S2053230X15004343. Epub 2015 Mar 20.