Research at the institute

Our long work in the field of high voltage measurement and the testing of its devices can also be seen in our research topics. Besides our work in our high voltage laboratory the practical application is playing an important role, e.g. the determination of power flow or the evaluation of high voltage equipment. For this purpose, a precise measurement of high voltage and its effects is necessary. With our broad research topics we want to improve the used measuring methods and devices and therefore refine the evaluation of the quality of high voltage devices.


Our main research topics in electromagnetic compatibility actually deal with effects which cannot be identified by the classical measurements of interference emission and immunity. These however, might lead to problems in the practical application. Our goal is to identify these effects and examine how strong its influence in the environment are. Furthermore, we work on improving the classical measuring methods to guaranty the compatibility between electrical devices.


The introduction of power electronics has lead to many chances in dealing with global warming by decreasing the produced loss energy. Moreover, it offers new methods of power transportation, e.g. the wireless power transfer. Even though wireless power transfer this is not a new method, we continually improve these systems for higher power transfer. Our goal is the decrease the produced waste e.g. of wear of slip rings.

Current research projects

Spannungs-Mess-System für HGÜ 4.0 (SMS4HGÜ)


Further information are provided on our german research website.



Further information are provided on our german research website.

Finished research projects


Finished on 28.02.2022

Further information are provided on our german research website or you can, of course, contact us.