Power Electronics

Power electronics is a field of electrical engineering that deals with the conversion and control of electric power. It plays a crucial role in numerous applications, including power supply systems, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and industrial facilities.

The main task of power electronics is to convert electric power from one form to another in order to utilize it more efficiently. This includes conversions such as alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), direct current to alternating current, direct current to direct current, and alternating current to alternating current. These conversions are of great importance to ensure the optimal utilization of electric power, as different devices and systems have different requirements.

Furthermore, power electronics enables the control and regulation of electric power. By using electronic switches, such as transistors and thyristors, electric currents can be precisely controlled and regulated. This allows for the adjustment of power according to specific requirements, such as varying voltage or frequency.

Another important aspect of power electronics is improving energy efficiency. By employing advanced circuits and intelligent control techniques, energy loss can be minimized. This contributes to reducing energy consumption and increasing sustainability.

Overall, power electronics plays a significant role in the efficient utilization and control of electric power. It enables the conversion, control, and regulation of electric power in various applications, contributing to improving energy efficiency and sustainability.


To reduce wear and tear of slip rings used to supply rotating consumers we research on the wireless power transfer with help of power electronics.

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Power electronics become a indispensable technology which is used to build high voltage dc lines, connection of renewable energy sources to the energy grid or for supplying devices with more compact converters. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of power electronics is essential for every electrical engineer in the field of energy technology. In the master study we offer lectures which are concerning on power electronics. Furthermore, we offer interesting theses and projects in this field.

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Technology transfer

Besides our services in high voltage and electromagnetic compatibility, we offer our Know-How and our equipment for development of power electronic devices.

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