High Voltage Engineering

High voltage engineering is a important part of energy technology and helps to transmit high amount of power with less losses. The problem is thereby the mastery of the high electric fields using specialized equipments.

We are working on the optimization and advance of this equipments to secure a fail safe energy transmission.


Because of our contact to our partners and customers, we are always near to the actual development. Therefore, our research topics follow and directs the practical trends.

Our research topics include broadband high voltage dividers, shunt resistors and new methods in detecting partial discharge in long cables.

Further information are provided under research.

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With the increasing usage of electrical energy and the evolved innovations the demand for qualified engineers growths rapidly. With our offer in lectures we want to contribute and raise the amount in qualified persons.

Our educations starts in the early phase of the bachelor study with the basics of energy technology. In the master courses we offer lectures which give a broad insight in the area of high voltage engineering. At the same time, we keep the lectures up to date with the industry standards.

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Technology transfer

As a high voltage laboratory with DAkkS accreditation we offer a broad range of services in our own laboratories or on site.

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