Gender Impact Assessment Handbook

Crawley, Marie und Louise O’Meara


Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Northern Ireland

Typ der Publikation

Crawley, Marie und Louise O’Meara (2004): Gender Impact Assessment Handbook. Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Northern Ireland. (Stand: 04/2008)


Datum des letzten Aufrufs

Gender inequality is, and has been, a persistent feature of society in Northern Ireland. The introduction of Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 with its commitment to the active promotion of equality presents a unique opportunity to address the issue of gender equality. The commitment within Section 75 is a particularly significant development in that it legislates for active measures aimed at levelling the playing field rather than simply responding to individual cases of discrimination which had been the main feature of NI legislation pertaining to gender equality in the past. It commits to much more than anti-discrimination, it is concerned with eliminating inequality at a societal level. Section 75 commits to mainstreaming equality into all aspects of policy development and implementation. Not all policies affect men and women in an equitable way and this is where gender impact assessment comes in.

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