Bologna and Beyond: Perspectives on Gender and Gender Studies


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Bologna, Hochschulentwicklung, Studiengangsentwicklung, Gender Studies


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Currently, the national tertiary education facilities are restructuring themselves as part of the so-called ‘Bologna Process’. This development, which is based on a legally non-binding agreement between the European education ministers, currently involves 45 countries working towards a standardized European higher education system. Just as demands for gender equity and the embedding of Gender Studies present a particular challenge to this course of action, it also contains opportunities and risks with regards to gender aspects: By actively designing the Bologna Process, gender equitable teaching and studying can be established, thus modernizing universities and academia. In contrast, ignoring gender aspects will reaffirm and stabilize the traditional, unequal gender relationships. According to an experience based thesis, gender equity has never been occurred or further developed without specific concepts and measures being in place. Furthermore, since the Bologna Process has triggered a discussion about the organization, content and curricula of Women’s and Gender Studies, it plays a significant role in how they will be further developed and established.

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