Eurodoc Survey I

Ates, Gülay; Holländer, Karoline; Koltcheva, Nadia; Krstic, Snezana, Parada, Filomena


The First Eurodoc Survey on Doctoral Candidates in Twelfe European Countries

Typ der Publikation

Doktoranden, berufliche, finanzielle Situation, Perspektiven


Datum des letzten Aufrufs

EURODOC is the only European organisation to have successfully realised a large scale, pan-European survey on the situation of doctoral candidates and young researchers, in cooperation with the centre for Higher Education of Kassel. The questionnaire was launched on 9 December 2008, and stayed online until 30 April 2009. The data analysis and evaluation were done between August and October 2009, and the survey publication was supported by Körber-Stiftung, EMBO and – ÖH Doktorat. After its presentation at the European Summit For Early stage Researchers, in Strasbourg, this afternoon, you can now download the final report here.

The final report analyses the current situation of more than 7500 doctoral candidates in twelve countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden). Efforts were made to match the respondents with the general population, in terms of variables such as gender, field of study and academic status. The questionnaire included 77 questions and took about 30 minutes to complete.

This study intends to answer to two main questions: a) what is the actual situation concerning funding, social benefits and working conditions of doctoral candidates; b) what are the differences regarding the different types of doctoral education models across Europe.

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