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Master graduates may complete a doctoral degree in social sciences (Dr. rer. pol. or Dr. phil) at the Institute of Political Science and at the Institute of Sociology. English is accepted as a language for the thesis as well as for the oral examination.
In order to take up doctoral studies you are required to find a supervisor at the Institute of Political Science or at the Institute of Sociology. Potential supervisors will expect a research proposal with your application (only in german available).

The Doctoral Degree Regulations (only in german available) provide the legal basis for the doctoral degree studies. Phd students interested in pursuing a degree in one of the study programs offered at the Faculty of Social Science should read the prerequisites for the respective doctoral degree regulations carefully.

To pursue doctoral degree studies, you need the topic of your planned dissertation, approved by a professor, assistant professor or associate professor of the University of Duisburg-Essen entitled to examine doctoral theses, or by a honorary professor who has been entitled to examine doctoral theses by the responsible faculty council, as well as the willingness of the academic supervisor to supervise the research that is associated with the thesis. In exceptional cases and with proper justification, the Doctoral Committee may confer the independent supervision of a doctoral thesis on exceptionally qualified postdoctoral researchers of the faculty, taking part in externally assessed development programs for outstanding young researchers, even if they did not habilitate.“

When making the first contact, it is helpful to provide a detailed Curriculum Vitae including a description of the content of the relevant subject areas that you have studied as well as a detailed description of your proposed dissertation project.

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For further information please contact our doctoral studies advisor.