Area of Research

Natural killer (NK) cells are cells of the innate immunity. They form one of the first lines of defence against pathogens. Through the expression of germline-encoded receptors, they immediately recognize and eliminate virus-infected as well as cancer cells. NK cells release cytokines and communicate with other immune cells via these signalling molecules. During retroviral infection, e.g. infections with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) or Friend Retrovirus (FV), NK cells exhibit “killer” functions and keep the viral load at a low level. During the later infection, NK cells lose their cytotoxic potential and become dysfunctional. Although they belong to the innate immunity, it is now known that NK cells might develop a memory phenotype. After re-stimulation, this small memory population eliminates target cells in an antigen-specific manner, as it was shown previously for several infection models.

In clinics, NK cells are highly important due to their multiple functions and rapid elimination of pathogens. My research focuses on the biology and modulation of NK cells after retrovirus infection, e.g. important signalling molecules or interaction with other immune cells such as regulatory T cells or Dendritic Cells. Especially, I am interested in the metabolism of antiviral NK cells, their nutritional requirements and signalling pathways that are important for NK cells to kill virus-infected cells.

Jun.-Prof. Elisabeth Littwitz-Salomon

RKH, Room 3.25

Tel. 0201/723-3007

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