Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures


Notes on submitting assignments (subjects French and Spanish)

Module examinations in the form of assignments or in the form of written parts of a portfolio examination must be registered online in HisinOne during the examination registration phase.

Bringing forward M.A. courses

The Bachelor's thesis must be registered before you can commence any specialist and teacher training modules for your Master's degree. A maximum of 30 Master CP can be selected for study prior to commencing your M.A.

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Online language courses sponsored by PROMOS

We would like to point out that online language courses offered by French or Spanish universities are eligible for PROMOS sponsorship.

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Newsletter of Romance Studies

Dear students,

if you are interested, you now have the option of registering in one of the mailing lists for Romance Studies. You can find them under the menu item "Newsletter".

Additional qualifications for teacher training students

Acquisition of the additional qualification "Language education in a multilingual society" (ZuS).

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Info compact: Scholarships

Information on scholarships in the humanities

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Visit from the Normandie” at University Duisburg-Essen

Visit of students of the “Université de Caen Normandie” at University Duisburg-Essen

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