IMB: AG Carpinteiro

Group Carpinteiro Research Interests

  1. Role of Sphingolipids in heamtopoietic stem cell mobilization.
  2. Role of sphingolipids in sickle cell anemia
  3. Amyloidosis
    Clinical research

    Mouse models of amyloidosis
    Role of proteases in amyloidosis
  4. Farber Disease
    Mouse model
    Development of pharmacolgic therapeutic options
  5. Inhibition of the mitochondrial Kv1.3 channel with novel inhibitors as a new treatment of multiple myeloma.



Alexander Carpinteiro (PD Dr. med.)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-3363

Gabriele Hessler (LTA)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-3153

Eyad Naser (Dr. med.)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-3818

Melanie Nowakowski (BTA)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-3153

Claudine Kühn (BTA)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-3153