IMB: AG Gulbins

Group E. Gulbins Research Interests

  1. Regulation and function of sphingolipids in bacterial infections, in particular pneumonia
    1.1. Role of ceramide and sphingosine in cystic fibrosis
    1.2. Molecular mechanisms of anti-bacterial effects of sphingosine
    1.3. Development of novel treatments of pneumonia with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus
    1.4. Regulation and function of sphingolipids in systemic infections with S. aureus and mycobacteria.
  2. Sphingolipids in tumor therapy, with a focus on the regulation and function of sphingolipids in the immune system of the tumor host.
  3. Regulation and function of acid sphingomyelinase/ceramide in auto-immune disorders, in particular multiple sclerosis.
  4. The acid sphingomyelinase-ceramide-acid ceramidase axis as target of antidepressants. Role of this system in the pathogenesis and treatment of major depressive disorder.
  5. Targeting the mitochondrial Kv1.3 channel with novel specific inhibitors to treat cancer.