Conference Organization

Organisation of Fourth-GAMM-Seminar 2005 on Micostructure.
14./15. Januar 2005 in Bedlewo
(Conference Center Polish Academy of Science), jointly with Prof. H.-D. Alber
Participiants (incomplete): Prof. F. Murat, Prof. B. Dacorogna, Prof. C. Carstensen, Prof. A. Kalamajska, Prof. P. Krejci, Prof. C. Miehe.

Organisation of
1. Darmstadt Cosserat Meeting.
3. June 2005. Approximately 40 participiants and 10 plenary talks, among them Prof. P. Steinmann, Prof. H. Altenbach, Prof. W. Ehlers, Prof. C. Tsakmakis and Prof. C. Wieners.

Organisation of Graduate-School:
Mathematical Modelling in Solid Mechanics.         
5.-7. October 2005 at University Karlsruhe, jointly with Prof. C. Wieners (Karlsruhe) and Prof. S. Forest (Paris) . Full day lectures:
Prof. C. Wieners: „Foundations of Mathematical Elasticity,
Prof. S. Forest:    „Modelling in Solid Mechanics“,
Dr. P. Neff:          „Mathematical Analysis of Models in Solid Mechanics“.

Organisation of CISM-Course on "Poly-, quasi and rank-one convexity in applied mechanics''
24.-28. September 2007, Udine, Italy.
Lectures (five each, alphabetical order):
Sir J. Ball (Oxford), Prof. A. DeSimone (SISSA-Trieste), Dr. P. Neff, Prof. A. Raoult (U Paris 5), Prof. J. Schröder (Essen), Prof. M. Silhavy (Prague),
Prof. D. Steigmann (Berkeley). Nearly 60 participiants from all over the world.
Bella Figura in Udine


Organisation of Section S8: Multiscale Methods and Homogenisation, GAMM2008, 31.3-4.4.2008, U Bremen, jointly with Prof. W. Ehlers.

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