Prof. Dr. Irwin Yousept
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Thea-Leymann-Straße 9
D-45127 Essen
+49 201 183 6894
Email: irwin.yousept[at]

Research Interests: Optimal Control, Inverse Problems, Numerical Analysis, Maxwell's Equations

Recent Applications: High-Tc Superconductivity, Electromagnetic Shielding, Ferromagnetics, Induction Heating, Full Waveform Inversion

Academic Records

Aug. 2014 - Full Professor (W3), University Duisburg-Essen
Jan. 2019 - April 2019

Visiting Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

July  2012 - July 2014

Junior Professor (W1), Technical University Darmstadt

Oct. 2009 - June 2012 Postdoc, MATHEON, Technical University of Berlin

Oct. 2008 - Sep. 2009

Guest W2-Professor, University of Augsburg

June 2006 - July 2008 Research Assistant, MATHEON, Technical University of Berlin


Aug. 2008 Promotion in Mathematik, Technical University of Berlin
Oct. 2005 Diplom in Mathematik, Technical University of Berlin

Scientific Awards

2014 Richard-von-Mises-Preis GAMM - International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
2013 Dimitrie Pompeiu Prize Academy of Romanian Scientists
2006 Erwin Stephan Prize Technical University of Berlin
2005 Dies Mathematicus Prize Technical University of Berlin

Editorial Works

Since 2019 Associate Editor for Applicable Analysis
Since 2018 Associate Editor for Results in Applied Mathematics

DFG Research Projects

Advances in Regularization Theory for Inverse Problems in Banach Spaces
DFG Research Grant (YO 159/5-1), since 2022

Maxwell Obstacle Problems in Electromagnetic Shielding: Numerical Analysis, Shape Design and Nonlinear Permeability
DFG Research Grant (YO 159/4-1), since 2021

Multi-Physics Phenomena in High-Temperature Superconductivity: Analysis, Numerics and Optimization
DFG SPP1962 (YO 159/2-2), since 2019

Optimization of Non-smooth Hyperbolic Maxwell's Equations in Type-II Superconductivity Based on the Bean Critical State Model
DFG SPP1962 (YO 159/2-1), 2017 - 2020 (completed)


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