Application should be send by e-mail to the coordinator of the Graduate School, Anita Winter (anita.winter (at) or by regular mail to

Prof. Dr. Anita Winter
Fakultät für Mathematik, Campus Essen
Universität Duisburg-Essen
45117 Essen, Germany.

In case you want to choose a special member of the faculty as advisor, you should mail her/him a copy. Your application should consist of:

  • A short CV, including your date of birth, and your university degrees.
  • A short list of courses (graduate level) you have taken, and the title and subject of your BA, MA and/or Diplom Thesis.
  • If possible give the name (and e-mail address) of one or two mathematicians willing to write a short letter of recommendation. Or ask them to send their letter directly to Anita Winter.
  • A short description how you plan to finance your studies.
  • Name of selected supervisor.

If you have any questions before sending an application, please contact Anita Winter.


In case you really want to know (or to train your German), you can read or download "Die Satzung der International Graduate School".