Current special topic courses

Summerterm 2019



Geometric Invariant Theory

Prof. Dr. Daniel Greb

Algebraic Geometry 2 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Görtz
The Fargues-Fontaine Curve Prof. Dr. Jan Kohlhaase
Markov Processes Dr. Wolfgang Löhr

Random matrices and random operators

Dr. Jan Nagel/
Prof. Dr. Ivan Veselic (at TU Dortmund, RTG 2131)

Extremes for heavy-tailed time series

Thomas Mikosch (at TU Dortmund, RTG 2131)

The Malliavin-Stein Method II: Gauss Processes

Prof. Dr. Peter Eichelsbacher /
Prof. Dr. Christoph Thäle (at TU Dortmund, RTG 2131)


Probability Seminar
Abelian Varieties