General information

General information

The prerequest for entering the PhD program is a master degree (or any equivalent such as a Diploma degree). In case your degree is not a master degree obtained from a mathematics program in Germany further request might be asked by the "Promotions-

Admission to the PhD Program is only possible if one of the faculty is willing to supervise the PhD student. 

The courses are taught in English and German. Knowledge of the German language is not required to enter the graduate school. It is highly recommended to learn German and we are trying to non-German speaking graduate students to find German language courses during the first two years of their studies. The PhD thesis can be written in English or German.

The members of the Graduate School are registered as PhD students of the University Duisburg-Essen. There is no tuition but an administrative fee of 270 Euro per semester. Registered students receive a student ID card which allows them to use the University library and to have lunch at reduced prices at the Mensa. Free public transportation on buses, trams and local trains in the province of Northrhine-Westfalia and reduced admission for some public events is also granted to holders of a student ID card. 

The usual period for the PhD studies is 3 years. The PhD program typically starts with the summer or the winter term but exceptions are possible. 

The Graduate School does not provide fellowships. However several of the participating faculty have their own research grants or can help to find teaching jobs at the university.