Sensorsystem zur autonomen Fahrbahnzustandserkennung (SEEROAD)

The aim of the project is to provide the automated vehicle control at all times with the current values ​​of the static friction of the vehicle on the road. With this information, a higher safety for the occupants is to be ensured, particularly in the case of demanding driving maneuvers, in which a transition to partial or fully automated driving takes place. In particular, when driving in the wild is directly or indirectly caused by wild animals, persons or children, a safe driving or evasive maneuver, safe vehicle guidance in the described driving situations can not be guaranteed without knowing the road condition.
The task of this project is to determine the road state from new and innovative environmental sensors in conjunction with the data fusion from existing sensors of the vehicles in such a way that a qualified estimation of the current friction value is possible.

The project scope is approximately € 2 million and is based on the announcement on the promotion of research areas in the field of "high and fully automated driving for demanding driving situations".

Project duration:

36 months (03/2017 to 02/2020)

Project coordinator at the Chair of Mechatronics:



Participating professorships / departments at UDE:

  • Chair for Mechatronics (Prof. Schramm)

Belonging to the main focus of the Faculty of Engineering at UDE:

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