Call for applications „MD (Dr. med.)” in Research Training Programme

Within the DFG funded Research Training Programme “Molecular determinants of the cellular radiation response and their potential for response modulation” (GRK1739) one-year MD fellowships can be awarded to excellent MD students.

The GRK 1739 offers outstanding interdisciplinary scientific training and research opportunities for graduates of life sciences and medicine with interest in basic and translational research. The research projects aim to achieve a better mechanistic understanding of key molecules that determine the cellular response to ionizing radiation and thus radiation sensitivity with the goal of providing a scientific basis for effective response modulation. Further, the programme will provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary training in radiation biology and oncology, molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, pharmacology, and experimental medicine. It will also cover complementary professional competencies, such as career planning, bioethics, scientific integrity, and presentation skills. Together with regular supervision and mentoring, this training will allow students to efficiently develop into independent scientists with broad knowledge in biomedical sciences and specialized knowledge in radiation biology and radiation oncology.
For an overview of all projects please have a closer look at this homepage.

Students are selected on the basis of excellent performance in their studies and their motivation. Applications should include a CV and certificates as well as a cover letter indicating the motivation to become a co-worker of the research training programme. Please mention your preferred research projects.

Applications should be sent to:
Ivonne Schulte, Coordinator
Research Training Group GRK1739
Institute of Cell Biology (Cancer Research)
Virchowstr. 173
45122 Essen

or by mail: