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  • Prof. Dr.-Ing., Prozess- und Aerosol
    Universität Duisburg-Essen
    Duisburg, Deutschland


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Die Zukunft der Nanotechnologie
Symposium anläßlich des 70. Geburtstages
von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Fissan
am 5. September 2008


Curriculum Vitae

Born: 04.09.1938 in Ahlen


Habilitation RWTH Aachen 1974
Dr.-Ing. (Ph. D.) RWTH Aachen 1970
(M. S. Economics)
RWTH Aachen 1968
Dipl.-Ing .-Verfahrenstechnik
(M. S. - Chemical Engineering)
RWTH Aachen 1965


Since 2003 until today Retired University Professor (Retired from UDE) Consultant for several Universities (UDE (NST, IUTA), UM) and companies (TSI, Intel, BASF)
2005 - 2016 Scientific Director of Institute for Energy- and Environmental Technology (IUTA e.V.)
1983 - 2003 Universitätsprofessor (Full Professor)
University of Duisburg
Director of Process- and Aerosol Measurement Technology Division
July 1989 - June 1992 Director of Measurement Technology Division of Institute of Environmental Technology and Analysis (IUTA e.V.)
1984 Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota Environmental Division, Minneapolis, USA
1974 - 1983 Universitätsprofessor (Associate Professor) Director of Aerosol Measurement Technology Division
1974 - 1987 Lecturer at RWTH Aachen
1973 - 1974 Assistant Institute of Technical Thermodynamic RWTH Aachen
1972 Postdoctoral Fellow of German National Science Foundation at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA with Prof. Dr. E. Pfender, Prof. Dr. K. Whitby
1971 Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California La Jolla, USA with Prof. Dr. Penner
1965 - 1970 Assistant Institute of Technical Thermodynamics RWTH-Aachen
1960 - 1965 Several short appointments in industry (Student)

Awards and Honors

1990 International Aerosol Fellow Award (IARA)
1993 Max-Planck-Research Award (together with Prof. Dr. D. Y. H. Pui, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA)
1998 David Sinclair Award
2000 Honorable Member of GAeF
2001 Award of the Innovation Program Research, State of NRW, Germany Professor Fissan with Dr.-Ing. Einar Kruis (Akad. ORat)
2003 VDI gold medal of honor
2003 Junge Award
2005 David Swift Memorial Award
2009 Benjamin Y. H. Liu Award
2009 LM Fingerson Distinguished Lecture Award, UM Minneapolis USA
2010 AAAR Fellow Award


• Association for Aerosol Research (GAeF)
• American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR)
• Chinese Association for Aerosol Research in Taiwan (CAART)
• Association for Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (VDI – GVC Gesellschaft für Verfahrenstechnik und Chemie/Processnet)
• VDI-Commission of Clean Air (KRdL Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft)
• Association for Technical Building Equipment (VDI- TGA Gesellschaft Technische Gebäudeausrüstung)
• Special Research Program (SFB 209) “Mass- and Energy Transfer in Aerosols” (1983-1998)
• Special Research Program (SFB 445) "Nanoparticles from the gas phase: formation, structure, properties"(1999-today)


• Board member of SFB 209 (!983-1998), SAFB 445 (1999-2003)
• Research consultant for Intel, Santa Clara (2003-2008)
• Research Consultant for U of M, Minnesota (2003-2013)
• Research Consultant for Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik e. V. (IUTA) (2002-2016)
• Board GVC-Program „Nanoparticle Technology (1999- 2008)
• Member of Dechema-Working Group on “Responsible use of Nanotechnology” (2002-2010)
• Member of Processnet Working group “Particle Measurement Technology” (1976-2010)
• Co-Speaker of SFB 209 (1983-1998)
• Co-Speaker of SFB445 (1999-2003)
• German Association for Aerosol Research
- Member (1974-today)
- Board member
- President (4 years)
- General Secretary (4 years)
• American Association for Aerosol Research
- Member (1981-today)
- Board member (2 years)
- Award committee member
• Commission for Clean Air (KRdL)
- Member
- Board member (6 years)
- Member of several working groups (1980-2003)
• Fraunhofer-Institute in Grafschaft and Hannover
- Member of Advisory Board (10 years)
• Association for Technical Building Equipment (TGA)
- Board member of Working Group Clean Air ( 5 years)
• European Science Foundation (ESF)
- Chairman of program “Vapor-Phase Synthesis and Processing of Nanoparticle Materials (NANO)”
• NanoSTAG of COST (EU)
- Member (2000-2008)
• Aerosol of COST (EU) (2002-2008)


Member of Senat of Gerhard-Mercator-University Duisburg (GMU) 2 x 2 years)
Member of Commission for Planning and Financing (12 years)
Member of Faculty Board (several times for several years)
Member of several Search Committees
Elected Department Head of Electrical Engineering (2 years)

Presently member of editorial board of:
• Journal of Nanoparticle Research
• Particle and Particle Systems Characterization

Reviewer of proposals for:
• Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation
• Department of Science and Research of State of North-Rhine Westphalia
• Federal Department for Research and Technology (BMFT)
• Fraunhofer Association
• German National Science Foundation (DFG)
• Volkswagenstiftung


~ 600 publications journals and conference proceedings


Basic Research:
• Physical Properties and Behavior of Particles in Aerosols

Application Areas:
• Aerosol Measurement Technology
• Clean Technology
• Process Gas and Air Cleaning
• Sustainable Nanotechnology
• Nanostructured Gas Sensor
• Nanoparticle Measurement Instrumentation
• Workplace nanoparticle exposure