Seminar "Festkörperspektroskopie"

Oberseminar Festkörperspektroskopie

Dienstags um 12:30 per Zoom, Zugangsdaten bitte bei Prof. Wende erfragen.

Tuesdays at 12:30 via Zoom, please contact Prof. Wende for access.

Wintersemester 2020/2021 Termine

03.11.2020 Ulrich von Hörsten Allgemeine Sicherheitsbelehrung
10.11.2020 Thomas Feggeler Element-specific detection of magnetization dynamics using Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy
17.11.2020 Joachim Landers Characterization of FeRh-NPs for printable magnetocaloric media
24.11.2020 Xing-Long Ye (KIT) How to tune magnetism in bulk metallic ferromagnets with small voltages
01.12.2020 Juri Kopp Study of CFO-NPs in sucrose solutions across phase transitions
08.12.2020 Damian Günzing XAS investigation of RECo systems
15.12.2020 Benedikt Eggert Magnetic and structural response of FeRh and Ni2MnSn-Heusler compounds to external stimuli
22.12.2020 Lea Spieker Spektroskopische Charakterisierung eines mononuklearen Fe(II) Spin Crossover Moleküls
12.01.2021 Johanna Lill Mössbauer measurements on RE-doped La(FeSi)13
19.01.2021 Tobias Lojewski Investigation of non-equilibrium dynamics in Ni and NiO at the European XFEL
26.01.2021 Cynthia Pillich Thermal dynamics in chondrites probed by in-situ synchrotron XRD