Ph.D. Retreat 2022 (20.-23.06.2022)


This year's Ph.D. retreat will cover different areas over all stages of the Ph.D. From all-day applicable workshops like "Voice and Speech" and "Work-Life-Sleep-Balance" to workshops for the life after the Ph.D like "Job Search - Perspectives after the Ph.D." and "Leadership Skills".

After the arrival on the first day, we will have a city trip to Fulda where the Ph.D.s can choose between different guided tours in the Altstadt area in Fulda. On the two following days, the Ph.D.s can choose between three different workshops each day. As mentioned, this year the workshops cover different areas. From "Work-Life-Sleep-Balance" over "Voice and Speech" and "Leadership skills" to "Job Search - Perspectives after the Ph.D". In the evening, there will be poster sessions, where everyone has the opportunity to present recent results and has fruitful discussions with the other Ph.D.s. On the last day, we will have a small hiking trip to further promote social networking in our CRC and strengthen our teamwork.


A pdf of this year's program can be found here.


Voice and Speech (confirmed, by Sarah Giese)

Job Search -- Perspectives after the Ph.D. (confirmed, by Andreas Stützer)

Work-Life-Sleep-Balance (confirmed, by Luise Pellens)

Leadership Skills (confirmed, by Kathrin Hombach)

Schloss Buchenau
Hermann-Lietz-Str. 13
36132 Eiterfeld - Buchenau