Abendstimmung am Strand in St. Peter Ording.

Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Condensed Matter Summer School 2017

The CRC 1242 Summer School took place from August 7 to 11, 2017, in St. Peter-Ording, Germany. The school was intended for graduate students, PhD students and postdocs in condensed matter physics and chemistry with emphasis on non-equilibrium processes.

External stimuli such as - but not necessarily limited to - pulsed light absorption or particle impact create non-equilibrium situations in condensed matter systems. Although physicists have learned a lot from studying equilibrium situations and state-to-state transitions, there is a quest to fully understand the time evolution of a system put into non-equlibrium. The advent of modern time-resolving spectroscopies allows resolving the dynamics with femtosecond temporal and nanometer length resolution.
This school aimed at introducing beginning and advanced graduate students to the modern concepts in the field and to state-of-the-art results.

You can find the flyer here.

Invited Speakers
Michael Bauer - University of Kiel, Germany 
"Time-resolved photoemission"

Benjamin Dietzek - University of Jena, Germany
"Time resolved non-linear molecular spectroscopy"

Claudia Draxl - Humboldt University of Berlin
"Many-body description of electronic excitations: GW and BSE"

Luke Fleet - Nature Physics - Nature Research
"Inside Nature-branded journals"

Wolfgang Hansen - University of Hamburg, Germany
"Fabrication and investigation of epitaxial quantum dots and quantum-dot

Sascha Kandratsenka - Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany
"Non-adiabatic gas-surface interactions"

Alfred Leitenstorfer - University of Konstanz, Germany
"Quantum dynamics in spatio-temporally confined systems"

Aaron Lindenberg - Stanford University, USA
"Non-equilibrium structural dynamics"

Axel Lorke - University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
"Electrons in quantum dots"

Ermin Malic - Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
"Density matrix theory: Ultrafast carrier dynamics in atomically thin 2D materials"

Sangeeta Sharma - Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Germany
"Time-dependent DFT"

Tonya Vitova - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
"X-ray absorption spectroscopy"

Dietrich Wolf - University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
"Non-equilibrium dynamics: An overview from a theorist's perspective"

The CRC 1242 offered childcare to all summer school participants.

Organizing Committee
Dr. Nora Dörmann
Prof. Dr. Eckart Hasselbrink
Prof. Dr. Rossitza Pentcheva
PD Dr. Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten

Campus Nordsee
Pestalozzistr. 72
25826 St. Peter-Ording