Medical Technoloy Systems - Exam information

Information about the exam in winter semester 2021/2022

In the exam phase of the winter semester 2021/2022, all our exams will take place on the Moodle exam server of the university. You will receive an email with all exam-relevant information 3 days before the exam. You have access to the respective exam room after receiving the email, before that the rooms are not visible for you. The following table contains the name/URL of the respective examination rooms:

Name of the moodle course room
Online-Klausuren_ZKA41509_Grundlagen der Technischen Informatik_WS 2021/2022
Online-Klausuren_ZKA41170_Test und Zuverlässigkeit digitaler Systeme_WS 2021/2022
Online-Klausuren_ZKA40329_Medizininformatik_WS 2021/2022
Online-Klausuren_ZKA41009_Fundamentals of Programming_WS 2021/2022
Online-Klausuren_Klausur - ZKA41166 - Global Engineering SoSe21_WS 2021/2022
Online-Klausuren_ZKA40031_Fundamentals of Computer Engineering 1_WS 2021/2022
Online-Klausuren_ZKA40065_Operating Systems and Computer Networks_WS 2021/2022
Online-Klausuren_ZKA40085_Logical Design of Digital Systems_WS 2021/2022

Information about failed exams

During the examination phase of the summer semester, the so-called "free trial regulation" applies. This means that failed exams are not recorded with a corresponding grade but as withdrawal. You will receive a corresponding e-mail from the examination office which contains the following information:
"If the examination is considered “failed” and falls under the free trial scheme the result is displayed as follows:
Withdrawal – „FVC“ (Attempt not done according to §13, section 1 Implementation Order CEHVO)
Under these regulationes students are not affected who fooled in the exams or failed to appear for the exam."

Regulations for the exam inspections

We are currently planning to conduct exam inspections for all our exams from winter semester 2021/2022. You must register for the exam inspection, the exact dates of the examination will be announced after registration.
Considering the unusual effort to fulfill these restrictions and the huge number of students in our exams, we would highly appreciate if those students with good exam results respectively students who have no specific reasons for an inspection could waive their rights for an inspection. Thereby we could give priority to cases of students with doubts about sensitive exam results (e.g. fails).

All inspections must be applied for by sending an email from your university email account to our secretariat:
with subject „Exam inspection for exam <exam name> from <exam date>“
Within the email, please give your name, matriculation number and the name of the exam you like to inspect. You must send one application per exam. In case you cannot attend the inspection, you have the right to send a substitute of yours. In this case, please download and fill out the form “Vertreter Klausureinsicht” and sign it by hand. Attach this fully completed form as scan to your mail in which you request the inspection.

Deadline for applications for exam inspections is April, 15th, 2022 at 08:00.

Any later requests, especially on the day of inspection, cannot be accepted.
Once the registration is closed, we will inform you about the details (date and time) together with further information about the conduction via email.

Regulations for the oral supplementary examination:

If the examination regulations of the specific degree courses provide the possibilities for an oral supplementary examination, the student can apply to the relevant examination board for the oral supplementary examination to be held. This oral supplementary examination is not covered by the “free trial regulations”. The students therefore can choose,

  • whether they repeat the failed repeat examination in the sense of the free trial regulation at the next regular examination date in SS 2022 (examination attempt with the possibility of improvement)
  • or accept the failed attempt and take an additional oral examination - in which case
    • in case of passing, the grade 4.0 is possible,
    • but in case of failing also the 5.0.

Students who wish to take an oral supplementary examination must apply at first for it immediately to the relevant examination board. They must then register for the oral supplementary examination by sending an email from your university email account to our secretariat:
with subject „Registration for oral supplementary examination <exam name>". Please attach the confirmation of the examination board to your e-mail.

Deadline for applications for oral  supplementary exam  is April, 30th, 2022 at 08:00.

You will be informed of the exact date of the oral supplementary examination by email.