Medical Technology Systems - Education

The Institute of Medical Technology Systems (formerly institute of Computer Engineering) offers its courses primarily for the study courses of the department "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology".

The courses for the first semesters covers the basics of digital circuits as well as software design. The courses for the upper semesters contain topics like Computer architecture, Computer systems, Operating sytems and Computer networks, Neuroengineering für Human-Centered-Interaction . Additionally courses like "Computer Supported Colloborative Working and Software Engineering" , "Security, Safety and Reliability of Digital Systems" are offered for students of master degree courses.

The languages of instruction are german or english depending on the study program. Final Thesis and Project Thesis are offered continously. Industrial Cooperations are possible as well as to carry out the thesis abroad. More details about our offers:

Courses in winter semester
Courses in summer semester
Final thesis
Project thesis
Exam information

In the summer semester 2022 the lecture "Operating Systems and Computer Networks" will be offered for the last time.

In summer semester 2022 you can register for the first exam attempt for the last time. After that, only repeat examinations are possible, namely in winter semester 22/23 and for the last time in summer semester 2023.

From summer semester 2023 onwards the course will be replaced:

- For students in the ISE study program in the B.Sc. Computer Engineering (Communications) PO15 and PO19 by the course "Analog Filters".

- For students in the industrial engineering program in the B.Sc. Industrial Engineering (Information Technology and Economics) PO-09/ PO-19 by the course “Power Industry/ Elektrizitätswirtschaft”