Abdelrahman Shahin

Bachelor student Abdelrahman Shahin

Email: abdelrahman.shahin@stud.uni-due.de

Related project: CourseMapper

Supervisor(s):  M.Sc. Qurat Ul AinM.Sc. Rawaa Alatrash

Thesis topic:  Knowledge Concept Extraction based on Cross-Platform MOOC Data

Description: This thesis aims to extract concepts from diverse Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platforms. The core objective is to propose and implement a generalized pipeline for effective concept identification from data extracted from MOOC platforms. To achieve this goal, this thesis investigates the use of keyphrase extraction as a pre-step to concept identification. For this purpose, we experiment with both open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) and semantic annotation tools to enhance concept extraction from MOOC. These LLMs are further benchmarked against traditional keyphrase extraction algorithms, and the integration of annotation technologies to provide an automated, unsupervised comprehensive framework for extracting concepts from various MOOC platforms is examined. In the end, the concepts identified from MOOC data are shown in a Knowledge Graph (KG) constructed for that MOOC.

Thesis duration: 12/2023 – 03/2024