Baohui Deng

Master thesis studentBaohui Deng


Thesis topic:  Development and Evaluation of a Notification System to Support Awareness in CourseMapper

Related project:  CourseMapper

Supervisor(s):   M. Sc. Qurat AinM. Sc. Shoeb Joarder

Description: The aim of this thesis is to introduce a notification system in CourseMapper to better support collaborative learning and improve the awareness of students to achieve better learning performance. As CourseMapper provides the ability to annotate, comment, like, and dislike comments on learning materials, it's essential to furnish a that could encourage self-reflection for students to better track learning activities and help them to deal with information overload. Such notification system should consider the following aspects: students are aware of learning activities, provide the right amount and type of information, provide a lightweight subscription mechanism, provide users a way to follow up on activities, and provide a configuration mechanism of notifications.

Thesis duration: 5/2022 - 11/2022