Benjamine Stella Wobiwo Teda

Benjamine Stella Wobiwo Teda

Master thesis student


Thesis topic:  Supporting Interaction and Collaboration around Learning Materials in CourseMapper

Related project: CourseMapper

Supervisor(s):  M. Sc. Shoeb Joarder, M. Sc. Qurat Ul Ain

Thesis duration:  07 / 2021 - 01 / 2022



With the advent of the Internet and the rapid development of new technologies, e-learning is gaining popularity over traditional (offline) learning. However, new tools have been developed to facilitate the learning process and, as reading is one of the most important learning methods, traditional reading (reading printed books) is being replaced by digital reading (reading eBooks). To understand a text, most people practice active reading (reading while annotating).

Traditionally, people annotate printed books (annotation of paper text) by highlighting, underlining, circling, or writing notes in the margins of the paper or between the lines. The problem with paper text annotation is mainly that people cannot share their notes without exchanging documents or being physically present, hence the entry of digital (online) annotations to overcome these problems. The aim of this master thesis is to implement an annotation tool (UI) to encourage active reading and collaborative learning by focusing on online annotation mechanisms that can support interaction and collaboration among a group of students around the course material in CourseMapper.